CR Fashion Book Hits Newsstands This Week

If you’re looking for a fresh fashion fix at your nearest trendy newsstand, than you won’t have to wait much longer. Thursday (September 13th) Carine Roitfeld’s brand new glossy will land on magazine racks around the country and judging from the sneak peeks the new mag is offering, it’s going to be filled with plenty […]

Lavin Gets Real

Many an aspiring young model living in New York City or L.A. has fantasized about a casting agent walking up to them on the street and informing them that they are perfect for the latest high fashion ad campaign. However for 62-year old former schoolteacher Tizporah Salamon that fantasy hadn’t been on her mind for […]

Xena Warrior Princess Inspires in US Army’s Quest to Design Female Body Armor

The 21st century is full of opportunities for women that their mothers and grandmothers never had, but in many ways it is still a man’s world and to the thousands of young women serving in the United States military one of the first steps to changing that is combat gear designed with the female body […]

Ready For Summer?

The time has come that we have all been waiting for….Summer! Some people are lucky enough to live in warm weather year around but, people in the northern states are jumping for joy. Time to bust out your shorts, get your tanning oil ready and flaunt that physic we have all been working so hard […]

Princess Kate’s Fashionable First Year!

There is no doubt that every time Princess Kate steps out that all eyes are on her. She has taken royal fashion to the next level and made it very practical for everyone to share in her fashion choices. Unlike some royals or celebrities, she has kept her fashion choices simple, classy and accessible to […]

Gingrich’s Child Labor Comments Concern Fashion Industry Leaders

In the seemingly never-ending dog and pony show that primary elections have become, some candidates would be willing to say almost anything to grab the attention of a fickle 24-hour news cycle. So perhaps it was for that reason that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently went on record as saying that US […]

New Research Suggests Six Steps for Heathly Holiday Shopping

With Thanksgiving over and Black Friday behind us the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing, and while it is always fun to both give and receive at this time of year the one thing we can all agree that we don’t need to be exchanging is germs. Yes, unfortunately while this may be […]

Andrew Charles Has Launched At Macy*s

Remember a few months back when we reported that Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, is merging into fashion with his collaborative collection Andrew Charles. The collaboration is with Andy Hilfiger will be exclusively sold at Macy*s. The fashions are based on Tyler’s wacky, eclectic style. Steven Tyler was even quoted describing his collection as, “That […]

Will Mario Testino Shoot Kate Middleton for the Cover of Vogue?

For the past few days the rumor mill has been alive with talk of American Vogue chasing the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge with the hopes of making her their newest cover girl. According to a story by The New York Post, Vogue editor and chief Anna Wintour is hoping to get Kate Middleton on […]

The Business that will Blow You Away Today!

Every morning, women wake up, jump in the shower, then battle with the curly round brush to get that voluminous celebrity hair we all want. Always resorting to the flat iron because, lets be honest, who can really make sure the back of their head looks flawless, women all over are always on the hunt […]