Emily Blunt Meet YSL

Yves Saint Laurent is popping up in the news again. Recently, Yves Saint Laurent has been getting a lot of publicity. Said publicity is due to the lawsuit against the fashion house surrounding the red sole controversy filed by Christian Louboutin back in August. (If you want read more about the legal issue refer to […]

A Look At The Less Fashionable Of The 2011 Emmy’s

Yesterday we covered the winners of the 2011 Emmy’s, so today lets discuss the less fashionable celebrities that walked the red carpet. For starters, we saw bare midriffs, high slits, and sea creatures? I don’t know what they were thinking; all I can say is Rachael Zoe was probably not styling any of those ladies. […]

The 2011 Emmy Winners Are…

Did you catch the Emmy’s last night? Well, if you missed the incredible show, with even more incredible gowns and wardrobe, I will fill you in. As the beginning is good place to start, we shall begin with the red carpet (My favorite part of any award show). The red carpet appeared to catch scarlet […]

Fashion’s Night Out Had A Mass Following

Did you hear? Did you Tweet? Did you see?

Last night was the world-wide celebration of fashion known as Fashion’s Night Out. New York City is where the main event took place, but many other cities joined in, including Los Angeles, and a few cities in Europe. On the good ole’ island of Manhattan, and […]

Must Be 16 To Walk – Part 2

Will there be problems at New York Fashion Week? Not long ago the CFDA and Diane Von Furstenberg put out a statement urging designers to not have a model under the age of sixteen walk in their shows. The CDFA and Diane Von Furstenberg also requested from agencies to not include the under sixteen models […]

Gemma Ward A Great Casting Choice For ‘Gatsby’

News broke earlier today that Australian stunner Gemma Ward is the newest member of the modeling world to make the jump to the silver screen. Ward is the most recent addition to the cast of Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby which has already confirmed Leonardo DiCaprio […]

Queen Latifah Dishes on HSN and Pippa

Queen Latifah is far from shy, and he interview with NY Magazine proved her to be no different. She started out the conversation by informing everyone, “I really have expensive taste,” continuing to explain how that was “probably the biggest adjustment” the Queen made when referring to her new line with HSN. The line is […]

MTV Video Music Awards Had a Few Surprises in Store…

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards brought on its share of show-stopping looks. The night began on the black carpet. Yes, MTV has changed it up again. They did the traditional thing with the red carpet, then moved on to the less traditional with a white carpet, and this year they may have hit it […]

Zac is Back

He is back! In New York City that is. Young, fashion forward designer Zac Posen will finally be showing his main fashion line in this year’s coming Fashion Week, again. It has been three years now since New York’s Fashion Week has witnessed the preview of his high fashion line. Zac Posen decided, three years […]

Offensive is Her Middle Name…Joan Rivers Has Done it Again.

Once again Joan Rivers’ comedy is mistaken for sincerity. Joan Rivers has made her living poking fun at the unfortunate clothing choices of others, and still, there are people that do not get her humor. The comedic queen began on the red carpet amongst the celebrities, and with the help of the E! Network, Joan […]