Who’s to Blame: The Photgrapher, The Model, or The Retailer?

The news seems to be congested with lawsuits and young girls being sexualized. In the case of young model, Hailey Clauson, the bell rings true again. The case is against retailer Urban Outfitters and photographer Jason Lee Parry. The evidence is a so called ‘salacious’ photograph of the young model that was unknowingly sold to […]

Marc Leaving Louis?

The buzz has begun. Will Marc Jacobs become the Creative Director of Dior?

As the rumor mills start churning, everybody in the fashion world is sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear what Marc Jacobs is going to do. Marc Jacobs is an incredible force in fashion and any company would be […]

Burberry’s New Body

Burberry is classic, chic, timeless… and nude? The brand has come up with a new fragrance called Burberry Body and in the first ad campaign we see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley representing Burberry in their trench…and that’s it. Rosie is posing nude, and is said to be the first of many for the ad campaigns behind Burberry […]

Kris’ Kollection

Have you had enough Kardashian? Kris Jenner certainly has not! The celebrity mom, and ring-leader of Keeping Up With the Karadashians, has put the Kardashian back in her name (with a hyphen) making her Kris Jenner-Kardashian. However, this is not the big news; the news is Kris’ new fashion line. The one and only Jenner-Kardashian […]

So They Look Good, & They Are Good-Hearted Too

For almost two decades now fashion has been lending a hand in the fight against breast cancer, and this year’s Fall Fashion Week will be no different. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has been promoting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer since 1994 when fellow American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, initiated the cause in […]

Zac Posen’s Own Boutique

The meatpacking district in New York City is about to get a little more exciting. Zac Posen will be launching his first ever store, adding to the many boutiques found in this New York City neighborhood. Doing his best to not bring 5th avenue to the meatpacking district, this Posen Boutique will carry Z Spoke. […]

Mad Men Merge into Merchandise

Hit AMC TV series, Mad Men is collaborating with major chain Banana Republic. Banana Republic is owned by Gap and was originally under different ownership, where they sold Safari wear like trench coats and luggage; one could say Gap’s older, adventurous brother. Since they were bought by Gap Inc. in 1983, Banana Republic has become […]

Polo Soars Above The Stocks

As fear runs through the veins of investors and business men alike, due to the recent stock market scare, Polo’s Ralph Lauren stays cool as a cucumber. Polo shares went up over 8% and Ralph’s revenue is up 32%. As many of Polo’s merchandise is sold at Macy’s nationwide, both of the corporations have had […]

Target Gets an Italian Twist

For quite some years now, Target has been doing small collaborations with designers. Finally, Missoni has become one of those designers. Well-known for their colors and zigzag stripped pattern, Missoni hopes to open their world up to some new shoppers with this collaboration.

Angela Missoni has commented, “We really wanted to reach a large audience. […]

Is Lazy the New Trend?

Apparently, it is perfectly O.K. to wear your pajamas in public. In fact, it is in style. The perfect example of this new trend was spotted just the other night at the film premier of “One Day,” the new Anne Hathaway movie. The now infamous P.J. wearer was none other than designer Rachael Roy. Her […]