Missoni Madness

As fashion week takes over and designer collaborations are at every doorstep, the fashion world is witnessing a possible apocalyptic sign- as if the hurricanes and tsunamis weren’t enough. Walking into Target today will make you think you are still full from Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday has come two months too early. The Missoni […]

Kors Meets Rockefeller on 5th

As designers move their way up in the fashion industry, aspirations and dreams grow larger and only the select few make it that far. Once the stairway to fame and fashion respect is gained, one of the most difficult desires is left to be reached; a shop on the legendary 5th avenue. With all of […]

MTV Video Music Awards Had a Few Surprises in Store…

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards brought on its share of show-stopping looks. The night began on the black carpet. Yes, MTV has changed it up again. They did the traditional thing with the red carpet, then moved on to the less traditional with a white carpet, and this year they may have hit it […]

Selena Gomez…The Envy Of Every Girl

Up and coming Disney Channel star Selena Gomez has just about everything a young girl could ever want; she’s got Justin Beiber on her arm, a hit TV show, and a singing career. Girls, watch out! This child star is moving up and, in proper from, Selena will be releasing a clothing line. Selena’s clothing […]

Doctor’s Orders for Beckham

High heels have always been a huge fashion staple, and a known obsession among fashionistas. It has been reported that one of the world’s biggest fashionistas will have to hold off on that inclination, at least for the time being. Victoria Beckham, known for; being wife to world famous athlete David Beckham, being a fashion […]

So They Look Good, & They Are Good-Hearted Too

For almost two decades now fashion has been lending a hand in the fight against breast cancer, and this year’s Fall Fashion Week will be no different. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has been promoting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer since 1994 when fellow American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, initiated the cause in […]

Target Gets an Italian Twist

For quite some years now, Target has been doing small collaborations with designers. Finally, Missoni has become one of those designers. Well-known for their colors and zigzag stripped pattern, Missoni hopes to open their world up to some new shoppers with this collaboration.

Angela Missoni has commented, “We really wanted to reach a large audience. […]

Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent

Less than twenty-four hours ago, a judge decided that Louboutin’s “sole recognition” was no longer his. Louboutin had filled a lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent for using red soles on a number of YSL shoes from his recent resort collection.

A fashion outsider’s opinion on the matter is it’s a color; this is fashion, color […]

Is Lazy the New Trend?

Apparently, it is perfectly O.K. to wear your pajamas in public. In fact, it is in style. The perfect example of this new trend was spotted just the other night at the film premier of “One Day,” the new Anne Hathaway movie. The now infamous P.J. wearer was none other than designer Rachael Roy. Her […]