Halloween Wrap-up: What Did They Wear?

How was everybody’s Halloween? Now, maybe you didn’t dress-up or go out but why not? Hollywood has made it pretty clear that there is no age limit on dressing up for Halloween. Some of the cutest looks caught by the paparazzi are the family costumes seen last night, and over the weekend. Starting off with […]

Floral Perfumes For Holiday 2011

As the crisp fall air smells of burning leaves and chillier days to come, I can’t stop thinking about all the perfumes that are currently available and which one I want to carry the scent of. The holiday season is approaching and that also means gift time! Along with the changing weather, holiday season also […]

Ballet Flats Funding Breast Cancer Research

Reality shows are now becoming the most watched television shows, and the ultimate caddy and always dramatic is…Real Housewives. As some may instantly think of Basketball Wives, Real Housewives (of whichever city) came first, and most definitely has created the most drama over the longest period of time. We have met so many of the […]

Call him Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the biggest names in fashion. If you didn’t know the man or the name, Macy*s would have changed that when Karl Lagerfeld and Macy*s combined forces for their collaboration collection from earlier this year. The collection featured some chic, rather professional looking dresses. Well, Karl is at it again. Karl […]

Tom Ford, A Visionary

Well, it’s Friday! We have made it through the week and if you’re not daydreaming about where to go out this weekend and what to wear, you’re wondering what is going to keep you occupied on the dreaded Sunday evening. Of course you could always flip to HBO – however, in this economy that may […]

How Anna Wintour Travels

Remember how way back in the day, like when our grandparents were young, people used to get dressed up to travel, especially on a plane flight. Well maybe you can’t remember per say, but you know you have heard stories from family and have seen older movies where people are adorned in their Sunday’s best […]

Ashley Greene is the New Face of DKNY

It was reported by People Style Watch yesterday that Ashley Greene, of Twilight fame, will be the new face of DKNY Jeans for their spring 2012 campaign. Ms. Green, who was catapulted to celebrity status in 2008 after being cast in the role Alice Cullen in the super-popular Twilight saga, has already made it obvious […]

Bettencourt’s Billions

Talk about a bad birthday. Imagine, not receiving a present on your birthday, but instead having to give everything away. Well, heiress to the L’Oreal fortune, Ms. Liliane Bettencourt of France has fell victim to this terrible birthday present. Liliane Bettencourt turned 89 years old, a birthday worth celebrating if you ask me, and all […]

Andrew Charles Has Launched At Macy*s

Remember a few months back when we reported that Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, is merging into fashion with his collaborative collection Andrew Charles. The collaboration is with Andy Hilfiger will be exclusively sold at Macy*s. The fashions are based on Tyler’s wacky, eclectic style. Steven Tyler was even quoted describing his collection as, “That […]

Gucci Custom Fits James Franco

Everyone seems to be in love with the 1920’s and fashion designers around the world have been using the infamous decade as inspiration. As this leading and latest trend in fashion is making its way through the masses, Gucci has hopped onto the 20’s bandwagon, and in my opinion, in the most ingenious way. Gucci […]