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One of the lovely designs already submitted for the summer sketch contest. has just announced that they will be hosting another of their infamous prom dress sketch contests through their facebook page. The contest is a tradition that is now in its second year with and is designed to allow young women with aspirations in dress design a chance to compete for a free dress from the website and share their sketches with each other and thousands of other young women looking for the perfect prom, homecoming or special occasion dress.

The sketch competition is just one facet of an expansive and ever developing social networking drive initiated by in 2011 aimed at educating, better understanding and ultimately better serving the ever growing number of young women both in the US and abroad who take to the web every year in search of the ideal dress for their prom or special occasion. The brainchild of president Sunny Adrian, this ever expanding effort to engage a new generation of e-commerce shoppers highlights a growing trend within the fashion world as a whole to make fashion more accessible to customer feedback, more reactive to the desires of the market and essentially a more democratic for fashionistas everywhere.

In the world of twitter, pinterest and facebook images can be uploaded and shared worldwide the moment they are captured and feedback is equally instantaneous.  This in turn has generated a new level of accessibility within the fashion world that has not gone unnoticed by designers. While it may be many years before a consumer can work online with a designer to custom design a dress to their specifications and then simply sit back and wait for the finished product to be delivered to their door, make no mistake this is a vision that a large portion of a fashion industry firmly believes will one day be realized. Many years from now if we find ourselves living in a world of such egalitarian fashion history may remember these small first forays into social media collaboration by designers and e-retailers like as the first steps in a great fashion revolution.

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