Carolina Herrera’s Sublimely Subtle (Pre)-Fall Collection

“Who wants to come out in brights for pre-fall?” was the question that began the night where subtlety was the native language spoken loudly enough for anyone with eyes to see. Muted pewters and french grays filled the room with only a hint of mauve or maroon to be seen. Yet singular and simple col0rs didn’t have to mean bland, with plenty of accordion pleated sheaths and animal prints giving life to the sublimely simple color scheme Carolina Herrera’s pre-fall show was, if not something to behold, something to take note of.

That was the scene at the end of last year anyway… Fast forward to the coming fall season and the late summer early fall designs that are already starting to hit shelves and you will notice that Herrera has jumped in the opposite direction from much of the pack. While the animal prints are keeping with a lot of what is starting to show up in store windows the muted tones and simple fabrics are a far cry from tribal patterns and weaves featured by many other designers this fall.

Now only time and the passing of the season will tell if  Herrera’s vision for the fall was insight or error.

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