Azzedine Alaia Turns Down Dior

Azzedine Alaia one of the last hands on couturiers and considered among his peers as one of the most influential fashion designers ever to live has reportedly turned down an offer from Bernard Arnault, chairman of Dior/LVMH to become the design house’s new Creative Director. Reports have been floating around for weeks about the big names Dior has been considering for one of their biggest positions such as Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz but the fact that they approached Mr. Alaia has served to turn more heads then any other name. Mr. Alaia has long been one of the most vocal advocates of slowing down the fashion world and moving away from seasons and the market dictating release dates for new collections or how many collections a particular designer must have.

Ever since the dramatic implosion of designer John Galliano, Mr. Alaia has rarely missed a chance to point out how the pressures of the system have begun to poison the art of many established designers. Mr. Alaia himself has made news through his anti-conformist approach to releasing new lines, shunning many main stream fashion shows and releasing his newest collections to stores based on when they are ready rather then on the ebb and flow of each fashion season.

Some in the fashion world have begun to speculate that Dior, long one of the most rigidly structured and precisely timed houses, is beginning to get a little tired of the seasonal race themselves and that perhaps by reaching out to Mr. Alaia were signaling that they are ready to reconsider their own system. However not wanting to follow in John Galliano’s foot steps Mr. Alaia has apparently turned Dior down flat.

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