Versace for H&M Coming in Fall 2011

Swedish mega-retailer H&M announced today that their newest collaborator for fall 2011 is none other than Donatella Versace. While the details of this new and intriguing fashion alliance are still under wraps it is obvious that H&M will be releasing a Versace for H&M collection this fall as they recently did with their Lanvin for H&M collection. Lanvin for H&M, which arrived in stores at the end of November last year was a rousing success for both companies and led many in the fashion world to speculate that this was not a one off promotion but rather an indication of a new approach by the retailer. They were right.

Donatella hasn’t given the world much of a glimpse at this new line with the exception of a studded leather dress she wore yesterday when announcing the new collaboration at the Men’s Runway Show in Milan and a few scant pictures that have been made available to certain fashion magazines. However she did emphasize to her fans that the upcoming collection will be “quintessentially Versace” and available only in H&M stores starting November 19th. The collection apparently will also be the first H&M designer collaboration to include home pieces such as bed spreads and pillow cases.

However unlike the brief alliance with Lanvin H&M has given every indication that the Versace for H&M collection will live on past this fall season. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this collaboration is where it will be made available. As with Lanvin for H&M the Versace fall collection will be available only through H&M’s retail stores, but the pre-spring collection due out at the end of January 2012 will be available only through online H&M stores in countries where the retailer offers e-commerce. The idea of a Versace collection so exclusive that it will never see the inside of a store, just go right from the designer to the customer through e-commerce, is very interesting indeed.

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