Marilyn Monroe Dress Sells for $5.6 Million

It’s an image that everyone can picture in their mind because it has become so iconic; a brief and for its time very risque, scene from “The Seven-Year Itch” showing Marilyn Monroe  standing on a subway grate and holding down the front hem of an ivory gown as a train passing below does its best to blow her skirt up over her head. Considered inappropriate by many the first time they saw it in Billy Wilder’s 1955 film, the shot has gone on to become the most recognized image of Marilyn Monroe with copies, reproductions and references to it appearing everywhere in American culture. Now that simple acetate and rayon gown that Monroe helped make so famous has achieved some fame of its own.

Last weekend at an auction house in Beverly Hills Marilyn’s “subway” dress sold for $5.6 million dollars to an unidentified bidder, making it the most expensive dress ever sold! Now we here at Promgirl News know all about the “diamond web” dress that Scott Henshall made for Samantha Mumba to wear to the ’04 premier of Spiderman II which he claimed cost far more than the $5.6 million dollar price tag for Marilyn’s dress. However until Scott or Samantha come forward with a receipt that figure is theoretical and the folks over at Guinness aren’t buying it.

The iconic dress, along with other costumes from Monroe’s movies, one of Charlie Chaplin’s signature bowler hats, a pair of Judy Garland’s ruby slippers and much more were part of a collection assembled over the past 50 years by singer, actress and dancer Debbie Reynolds. Apparently Reynolds had hoped for these items to all find their way into a museum, but sadly do to the size of the collection and the toll its upkeep is taking on the 79 year old celebrity she was forced to auction much of it instead.


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