PPR Moves to Buy Brioni

Rumors have begun to spread that PPR is in talks with Brioni about buying the Italian menswear brand with an eye for expansion into China. According to Reuters and Financial Times the French luxury conglomerate is interested in Brioni because the expanding Chinese luxury market, which is now the second largest in the world, is comprised mainly of male consumers and PPR, which has already achieved desirable market penetration in China with their Gucci products, is in need of a male centric brand.

While PPR refuses to issue any official comments on the possible acquisition Financial Times is reporting that PPR insiders have one primary concern about moving forward with the purchase of Brioni, that being the potential uproar that may come from a French company buying out yet another Italian label. What they are hoping to avoid is the same sort of nationalist backlash that was directed at LVMH when they purchased Bulgari. PPR, which began as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute is still controlled by the Pinault family who have a very positive history within Italy, helping to establish a modern art museum in Venice but it is doubtful that such philanthropy will do much to sway the die-hard Italian fashion loyalists.

If PPR can successfully negotiate the purchase of Brioni without public backlash tarnishing the labels reputation for authentic, hand tailored Italian suits and menswear then they will indeed find themselves in a favorable position to further their expansion into China. With PPR brands like McQueen and Gucci already gaining popularity in the Asian markets as traditional European fashion has become the new must have item throughout the far-east PPR should have little to no trouble generating exposure for the Brioni name.


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