World’s Most Beautiful Goes on Sale Monday

World’s Most Beautiful (WMB), the newest fashion and trend spotting mag and brainchild of master photographer Nick Saglimbeni goes on sale Monday. Unlike anything that has come before in a number of ways the first issue of the magazine will no doubt be watched very closely by both the publishing and fashion industries. While the magazine will be available in print according to AP reports, it is primarily intended to be viewed online with simultaneous releases scheduled for the most popular digital reading platforms like Apple’s iPhone and iPad as well as Google’s Android devices. Beyond that the premier issue is shot and printed entirely in 3-D ( offers free 3-D shades to anyone interested).

With such a unique format designed to help the viewer experience the true depth of an object it is no surprise that their first cover girl is the queen of curvaceousness herself Kim Kardashian. “Being stick-skinny is not something I strive for,” Kim said in an interview with the WMB. “I’m all about being healthy and being in shape… It’s not about having the perfect shape, its about finding the best you and being your best no matter what. You should never try to fit someone else’s mold. Anyone can be beautiful.”

Kim went on to explain that “I do work out hard and try to look my best, but when girls come up to me and tell me that I help them feel comfortable with their bodies, that’s when I say to myself, ‘OK, this makes it all worth it.'”

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