The Hilfiger’s & The Tyler’s New Fashion Line

Collaborations tend to be a good thing, and the press is saying this one is a good thing. First, we have the Hilfiger’s, while most go straight to Tommy; this fashion line is coming from Andy Hilfiger. Second, we have the Tyler’s, as in Steven Tyler. Yes, Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler is working with Andy Hilfiger. While we are used to seeing Steven Tyler’s older daughters, like Liv Tyler (of Lord of the Rings), it’s time for 22 year old Chelsea to step out as the female face of the line.  The fusion created is none other than, Andrew Charles.

Andy is mainly know for creating AHE, Andy Hilfiger Entertainment, a company made to fuse music, fashion, and entertainment, so no surprise here. However, this time he is going toward a genre of his own taste and one could say, straying away from the norm, for the Hilfiger’s at least. As one could have guessed, the collaboration of these two rock and rollers results in a 70’s inspired, scarf and leopard print adorned attire. Essentially, what could be identified as Steven Tyler esque fashion.

A very positive, and nostalgic, factor of Andrew Charles is Steven Tyler. Known for Aerosmith, Tyler is someone many people can say they grew up on. Whether it’s from listening to Aerosmith in the 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s, to being of the new ‘tech’ generation and playing Guitar Hero and Rockband, people recognize Steven Tyler. Not to mention he is a judge on the hit TV show American Idol and has been in a number of cameo roles, such as on the Disney Channel.

Another positive aspect of Steven Tyler is the style credentials the celeb has had and has kept over the years. Andy Hilfiger is one of the bigger advocates on this topic. Andy said, “Steven has always been a respected fashion icon…the way he wears his leopards and his scarves. It’s all very 70’s, very gypsy, very boho. And that’s what our line [Andrew Charles] is about…we’re even doing a Steven Tyler scarf line.”

Keeping it in the family, Chelsea Tyler, Steven’s 22 year old daughter is the female face of the ad campaign. Both Steven and Chelsea appear in ads together as well as separately. One of the ads feature Chelsea in a beautiful print dress. However, no family bias here, Andy Hilfiger saw a picture of Chelsea and simply “thought she was perfect.”

The line will not be released until this coming fall (2011). Thus, the only peeks we have are the ad campaign. However, Andy did let loose on information about some of his favorite pieces including, “a jean that’s great…and it has silver buttons…the women’s leopard coat, and our black, tight stretch jeans are amazing.” Can’t wait? Get on your Facebook and check out Andrew Charles.




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