Polo Soars Above The Stocks

As fear runs through the veins of investors and business men alike, due to the recent stock market scare, Polo’s Ralph Lauren stays cool as a cucumber. Polo shares went up over 8% and Ralph’s revenue is up 32%. As many of Polo’s merchandise is sold at Macy’s nationwide, both of the corporations have had better than expected numbers. Even in spite of the recent stock market scare, both corporations have reported to be doing just fine, if not extraordinary well selling full price merchandise; no need for mark-downs here.

Polo CEO stated, “We are a world-class Company that has been built on quality and timeless design with a long-term view. The clarity of our luxury lifestyle positioning runs through all that we do, from design to marketing to our in-store presentations. We are leveraging this clarity of vision and purpose with an expanding range of merchandise and store environments around the world. We know our customers well and we are committed to offering them the best of the World of Ralph Lauren. The consistency of our approach has supported our strong financial performance and the momentum of our brand worldwide is tremendous”

This aspect of Lifestyle mentioned by Polo is most-likely what’s keeping the company on top. While most other retail companies are offering pieces of a wardrobe, Polo Ralph Lauren is offering a lifestyle. His newest denim line features not just merchandise, but a whole wardrobe. Every piece on the racks has three more pieces to go along with the look, creating the Polo lifestyle. All in all, this is subconsciously urging customers to buy the jeans, along with the cashmere sweater, along with the under tee, following with the leather belt, and to finish off with the coat. One may be asking, how is this different from what other retailers are doing in Macy’s? Well the answer is, instead of having a rack of shirts and a table of denim placed around the store, Polo merchandises their clothing and accessories very strategically. While you are looking for your denim, you can’t help but notice the cashmere sweater placed just above, and then the mannequin sporting the look from head-to-toe. How could one resist.

This aspect of Polo Ralph Lauren is one his team prides themselves on, and without it, they would not be corporation they are today and will continue to be. If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to pick-up a Polo or Macy’s stock.

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