Mad Men Merge into Merchandise

Hit AMC TV series, Mad Men is collaborating with major chain Banana Republic. Banana Republic is owned by Gap and was originally under different ownership, where they sold Safari wear like trench coats and luggage; one could say Gap’s older, adventurous brother. Since they were bought by Gap Inc. in 1983, Banana Republic has become the luxury version of Gap.

Janie Bryant is the costume designer on set at Mad Men, and her designs are the key to the collaboration. Mad Men began airing in 2007, and is getting ready for their fifth season; due out in 2012.The show is based in 1960’s America, in none other than good ole New York City. Their depiction of American life from nearly half a decade ago is what has brought this show to the height it has reached. Winning Emmy’s three years running, it is only appropriate that the show expand to reach a broader audience. As AMC is not a major channel for most TV watchers to turn too, this collaboration, and the hype surrounding it, could be what the show needs to add some new, possibly unexpected viewers.

The clothes themselves are priced the same as the regular Banana wear; starting at around $40 and going up to $250. No worries about ‘costume-y’ looks as the clothes will have the fit us contemporary shoppers are used to, the necklines and styles are what is different. Many of the women’s pieces are adorned with animal print and sport the cowl neck, along with the 60’s high-waist skirts. The men’s pieces include pin-stripes, pocket squares, and even money-clips. It seems many pieces tend be accessories, however, in this economy it may be smarter to stick with your basics and add accessories!

Like all retail collaborations, this will be short-lived. It is reported that the collection only consists of about sixty pieces. If you love retro, preppy, and in style looks be sure to make your way to the nearest Banana Republic and shop away. Currently all items are available online and will be in stores in the upcoming days.

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