See You Santa, Say Hello Lady Gaga

Calling all little monsters! Lady Gaga will be playing the part of Santa Clause this holiday season. Barney’s on Madison Avenue in New York City will be bringing the little monsters’ Christmas wish to life this year. Gaga’s Workshop is the name, and taking over a whole floor of Barney’s in N.Y.C. is the game. Mark Lee, CEO of Barney’s, granted Lady Gaga the Santa of the Season with their new 2011-2012 Holiday Campaign.

The campaign consists of the Barney’s Madison Avenue window displays, adorned with Lady Gaga Workshop images. Yes, all of the windows on Madison Avenue (owned by Barney’s of course) will be adorned in art by Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson. The designs these two artists are creating are evoked by none other than Lady Gaga herself and her stylist/designer, Nicola Formachetti.

This entire floor takeover will begin during the first of the holiday months, November 2011, and is scheduled to carry on through January 2nd, 2012. This should give enough time for everyone to make it to New York City and give Barney’s the crowd they are expecting with a campaign like this. Also, along with the Gaga artwork, there will be Lady Gaga merchandise, exclusive to Barney’s and the Holiday campaign. The merchandise includes items like jewelry made of rock candy, lipsticks in Lady Gaga shades, books, CD’s, and many more holiday/ Lady Gaga inspired items.

Barney’s CEO Mark Lee spoke about why Lady Gaga and he put it like this, “Holiday is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness, and to me, Gaga really represents all of that. Her platform is so much about positivity, individuality and universality in a very today way.” Gaga’s holiday spirit will also extend to sharing, a major part of the holiday season and why Mark Lee picked her as the campaign head. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds of all the merchandise in the Lady Gaga Workshop will be donated to a charity of Lady Gaga’s choice. As Lady Gaga supports so many causes it is hard to try and guess what charities she has in mind. However, it is sure to be a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to little monsters and Barney’s fans alike.

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