London is #1

It has been decided. London is number one, as far as fashion goes anyway. The Global Language Monitor proclaimed London to be the 2011 top fashion capitol of the world. Out of fifty cities worldwide, London made number one. Creating the top five, the Brits beat out New York City, Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles, respectively of course.  To soothe everyone’s curiosity, the Global Language Monitor is an exclusive ranking based on a rather new tracking technology. Specifically called, Narrative Tracker, which analyzes all aspects of the written internet including; Twitter, media articles, blogs, and to a certain extent anything you could possible think of reading on the internet for information. Selected cities are chosen based upon “their distinctive styles and contribution to the fashion industry,” describes the Global Language Monitor.

Whether or not it may be fair, London took the throne over New York City, and quite literally at that. The triumph is claimed to be due to Kate and Alex. Princess Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen, that is. With all the hype and the media surrounding the new princess and her recent nuptials to Prince William, first son of beloved Princess Diana, it is not too hard to believe that New York City would need to take a step back this year. Princess Kate and her Alexander McQueen wedding dress were all the talk for what seemed like a century; we still can’t get away from it, even with America’s “royal” Kardashian wedding coming up.

This state of affairs is explained best by Bekka Payack, the Manhattan-based fashion correspondent of the Global Language Monitor, “We are seeing what the impact of two genuine media stars, Princess Kate and Alexander McQueen can have upon a global ranking.  Our numbers show that it was their presence that tipped the victory to London over New York. In the various categories, London took top honors in three, while New York, Paris, and Sao Paulo each topped the field in one.” Past rankings had New York City topping the charts three years in a row, losing only once to Milan, who now sits at fourth place.

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