Introducing the Kors-Le Pere’s

Congratulations! Tuesday, August 16th, 2011, Michael Kors finally married his long-time boyfriend Lance Le Pere. As New York State recently signed the legislation for gay marriage to be legal, much news had been focusing on openly gay fashion designer, and Project Runway judge, Michael Kors. As July 24th, the day the law passed, approached, many New Yorkers couldn’t wait to officially proclaim their love for their significant other, standing in line to receive and bestow their “I do’s” to each other.  However, to be discreet, Michael Kors and Lance Le Pere were as patient as monks. The two tied the knot in Southampton, New York on none other than the beautiful Dune Beach. They were married by Mayor Mark Epley in their private ceremony. Michael only had this to say, “To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance barefoot on a glorious beach is more than I could have dreamed of!”

The couple met back in 1990 while Lance was an intern for Mr. Kors. However, there’s no scandal here; Lance played his cards right and turned his internship into a position at Michael Kors. Lance’s position led him to great opportunities, including trips with the company, and its designer, around the world. The trip to Paris sealed the deal for the now couple, becoming the place the world knows as ‘where they fell in love.’

Lance Le Pere takes a turn to speak about the two newly-nuptials, saying, “We share a certain level of taste, an American point of view, and I think we like to play with Americana. Over the years and the day-to-day process of dreaming together, things just naturally fell into place.”

It’s rather evident that the two are dreamers, and now, not the only one.

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