Is That Marky-Mark?

The clothing company PRVCY has signed on a new celebrity to represent their brand. Not too long ago Ali Lohan, little sister to Lindsay, became a spokes model for the company and now the company has an even bigger name to add. Mark Wahlberg is the latest celebrity figure to show off PRVCY. Once upon a time, Mark Wahlberg represented Calvin Klein in nothing but his tigjhty-whiteys and was the best thing that ever happened to the company. With the same hopes, PRVCY is taking him on. However, he will be less of a model, and more-so a brand representative.

PRVCY tells E! News, they chose the forty year old actor because of “his amazing record of boosting the Calvin Klein brand.” PRVCY followed-up their statement with the expectation of Wahlberg’s “powerhouse image to do the same for PRVCY.” Mark Wahlberg will be representing the brands denim and menswear line, as well as being part of a new underwear line.

As it has been quite some years and some six-packs ago, since Mark Wahlberg a.k.a. Marky-Mark, as he was called in those days, has been photographed in the scantily clad, PRVCY seems to believe he still has ‘it.’

And after he expressed to everyone, at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, that Taylor Lautner has replaced himself and Leo DiCaprio. Mark said, “I am sitting at a table with a gentleman who is better looking than you and is in better shape than me,” Wahlberg said to DiCaprio. “So, we’re both out of a job, dude. Taylor Lautner! We’re screwed. It’s over, dude,” Wahlberg continued as the room burst into laughter. “Titanic and Boogie Nights were a long time ago. I accept it. I had a good run and on to the next.”

It is a little shocking to now hear he has not been replaced at all. This sex symbol is still just that, a sex symbol, along with being a hot fashion commodity. Look out ladies, Marky-Mark is back!

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