Zac is Back

He is back! In New York City that is. Young, fashion forward designer Zac Posen will finally be showing his main fashion line in this year’s coming Fashion Week, again. It has been three years now since New York’s Fashion Week has witnessed the preview of his high fashion line. Zac Posen decided, three years ago, to take his runway to France and give his debuts at Paris Fashion Week instead of New York’s. He claims he brought the show to the other side of the pond because, “they understand my clothes.” If France was the only city that “understands” Zac Posen clothes, I am not so sure he would be such a mega fashion mogul, and at such a young age. Posen came onto the fashion scene right out of college. His line was established and unveiled right around his twenty-first birthday, receiving insanely amazing reviews. Zac Posen’s career received a jump start and has been pumping its way up and through the fashion industry.

Although his foremost fashion line was shown in Paris, his secondary line, Z-Spoke was shown on the New York runways. Coincidentally, Z-Spoke has made its grand opening this past week in none other than New York City, specifically in the Meatpacking District. With all of the hype and media surrounding the opening it is really of no surprise that Zac has decided to show it all in the city that has allowed his career to bloom as it has. Zac Posen was questioned by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) about the sudden switch back. Zac told Women’s Wear Daily, “Paris is wonderful but it just feels like the right time to show in New York.”

As the designer has always been criticized for his age by critics and the media, Zac has earned an even stronger point of overcoming these criticisms; possibly a reason he went to Paris in the first place. He despises being quoted as “the young designer.” Z-Spoke may have helped him overcome those challenges. In light of all the positive press and energy surrounding Z-Spoke and its grand-opening, Zac may be once again feeling at home in New York City. Welcome home, and stick around for a few more New York Fashion Weeks.

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