Mandela Finally in Fashion

Nelson Mandela, a name known worldwide. However unfortunate as it may be, as time rolls along names get forgotten, but thanks to the fashion industry that is one name that will continue through the generations. The clothing line has been initiated by the Nelson Mandela’s Foundation and is manufactured by a South African company, Seardel. As the line is from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, proceeds from the sales will go to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Nelson Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and President of South Africa. Mandela was somewhat comparable to how Americans view Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as Mandela fought for the rights of people in his country. Nelson Mandela ended up becoming imprisoned due to activism and served about twenty odd years until he was released in the early nineties and subsequently received his Nobel Peace Prize and started his Presidency.

To commemorate Nelson Mandela, the clothing will be adorned with “46664.” This was Mandela’s number while in prison and Africa for all those years.

“We ourselves were branded in prison. Who would have imagined that this once negative number [Mr Nelson Mandela’s prison number, 46664] could one day be a brand that instead celebrates beauty?” — Mr Tokyo Sexwale at the 46664 Apparel launch in Sandton.

All of the items in the clothing line will also display the “Hand of Africa.” This logo was originally seen to symbolize the anti-apartheid. The pieces in this clothing line include; dresses in a variety of colors, polo shirts, denim, and other men’s wear. The line is rather expensive for the area in Africa it is being sold in, but (as mentioned above) a percentage of the proceeds will go to fight AIDS and HIV. This cause is being supported because throughout the years of Nelson Mandela’s selfless life, he has spoken at a number of AIDS fundraising campaigns, as well as suffered with his son. Nelson Mandela’s son, Makgatho Mandela, was killed by the virus in 2005.

Help support the cause and Nelson Mandela’s continuing fight at

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