Queen Latifah Dishes on HSN and Pippa

Queen Latifah is far from shy, and he interview with NY Magazine proved her to be no different. She started out the conversation by informing everyone, “I really have expensive taste,” continuing to explain how that was “probably the biggest adjustment” the Queen made when referring to her new line with HSN. The line is affordable and launched August 27th, 2011. On the topic, Queen Latifah said, “I wanted the materials to be as luxe as they could possibly be, but at a reasonable price point…I like things that make women look really sexy but not unclassy-sexy. Edgy as well.”

Queen Latifah has a good, clear-headed vision. And this hip-hop diva turned actress transforming into a designer, seems to know what women want and is willing to wait for a good thing. In the interview, Queen Latifah explained how there were many opportunities to produce and create a clothing line, but she just knew this one was the right one.

Her consciousness of what she wants and what she is doing is admirable. She explained the ideas behind the designs and how she went about the process, “You have to design with respect to the women whose bodies you’re putting this on. You buy a shirt in a size 16 — it’s boxy, it’s not tailored, or it’s in a material that’s not forgiving in any way, so we try to use stretchy materials. I made sure that a lot of the collars dropped so you don’t completely show your cleavage but you show a little sexiness. I tried to make things that I would wear and girls my size would also wear.” Besides the basic clothing pieces, Queen Latifah’s collection includes purses. The Queen even said during her interview, “I love purses — if there’s one thing I will spend money on, I will spend money on a handbag. The handbags are really fly.”

Moreover, the Queen was asked about some other “royals.” She was asked about the new Princess Kate and her sister Pippa. In response the Queen simply stated, “I wouldn’t change a thing.” However, the Queen admitted one thing, “I’d probably give her a pair of my skinny moto jeans and a fresh moto jacket with a cool tank, and I’d probably get her a nice pair of Ralph Lauren boots, throw her on a cool-ass motorcycle and tell her to go. But that’s just me. I’m standing in New York, looking over the city, and I like to see a little ruggedness.”

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