J Brand Expansion

Currently the denim company J Brand is mostly known for being a favorite of new Princess Kate Middleton. However, news has spread that the company will be releasing a ready-to-wear collection. The collection is due out next year for Spring 2012. The collection is also said to consist of 140 pieces in a feeling where less is more. J Brand’s design director Donald Oliver reported, “We just didn’t want to look at [our customer] as working or going out. It’s about building an aspirational wardrobe for our girl.”  The sentiment of less is more will be noticed in their color scheme and over all simplistic, basic fashion pieces. Reportedly, the read-to-wear line is made up of neutral tones; muted whites, blacks, and grays, along with pale pastel colors, and the absence of prints. Apparel will include trousers, sweaters, and almost every sort of jacket known; blazers, cropped coats, bombers, and even a mackintosh.

Since J Brand doesn’t want to be another True Religion, the company has made it clear that they are more of a luxury ready-to-wear company. As far as contemporary denim into ready-to-wear brands are considered, J Brand wants to sit next to Rag & Bone and Helmut Lang, rather than the likes of Seven For All Mankind and True Religion. The prices are set to start at $200.00 and make their way up to $1,500.00. As the price range will allow for many freedoms, expect to see an array of materials, including; leather, knits, linen, cotton, and much more.

With such a big step in toe, J Brand has set some even larger goals. The company hopes to open a flagship store in either fashion’s number one or number two city: London or New York, respectively. J Brand would also like to put more merchandise on the market. Coincidentally, the company is already working on ideas and concepts   for men’s wear, shoes, and handbags!

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