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For those that follow news of the fashion world Daphne Guinness is a name that is becoming increasingly harder not to know. Heiress to the international brewery which bears her name Ms. Guinness makes fashion headlines with an ever increasing regularity these days. Most recently she has helped jeweler Shaun Leane design a diamond encrusted golden glove that has been the most talked about accessory of the year, Lady Gaga has dropped her name as one of the pop star’s central fashion inspirations and rumors abound that everyone from Valentino to Tom Ford is fighting to get Ms. Guinness in their latest looks. As if that wasn’t enough to peak interest in what drives this fashion icon Daphne recently sat down with Jacob Bernstein of Newsweek’s Daily Beast to give a candid interview on her personal style choices, her upcoming Jean Seberg movie, a Fashion Institute of Technology exhibit featuring her unique looks and why she believes that the fashion world is in danger of falling victim to an ever increasing “blandness that’s spread across the world.”

A longtime friend and oft-times muse of designer Alexander McQueen who tragically took his life last February, Daphne Guinness tells The Daily Beast that she believes it was McQueen’s passing, along with the suicide of British fashion editor Isabella Blow that was sadly responsible for the increased attention paid to her by the fashion world saying “A lot of my friends died, and we were a gang. I’ve become more visible since they disappeared. I’ve been more exposed. I don’t think I’ve changed.”

Asked why she believes the fashion world is falling victim to an ever increasing feeling of blandness Ms. Guinness laments the proliferation of professional stylists among the Hollywood elite. “People stopped dressing themselves, they let other people do it for them or they get paid to wear things down a red carpet.” Asked if she has ever succumb to such influence Ms. Guinness responds with an emphatic “No f—ing way. That would be terrible. Then it wouldn’t be real…”

For more insightful and eccentric fashion philosophies from this fast rising icon check out the entire interview in The Daily Beast.

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