Animal Activists Say No More Fur

Clainfornia is at it again. The liberal state has decided to try their luck at passing a few more laws. The section of West Hollywood specifically is in the process of getting another law passed.This one is in the fight for animal rights. West Hollywood is synonymous with animal rights activism; they have gotten laws voted in, in the past including not having pets sold at pet stores and not allowing cat gaurdians (they are not pets and owners but companions and gaurdians) to declaw their cat companions. This new ordinance will prevent retailers located within West Hollywood from selling merchnadise containing fur, hair, or any animal pelts. However, leather is not included in this law and fur, hair, and pelts can still be used in furniture.

As the reasoning behind the specifics of this ordinance are slightly skewed, you could imagine that many people are in fact putting up a fight against it becoming a true law (still, only in West Hollywood). And, as one could assume, retailers are the most aggravated by the new ban. Fur coats and other fur-trimmed accessories tend be on quite the expensive side which generally translates to more money for the retailer. Thus, a clear understanding as to why they are so outraged by the ordinance (which in my opinion needs more of an explaination).

President of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Genevieve Morrill, spoke on the fur ban saying, “It would absolutely diminish the city as a fashion capital.” As the fur ban is prohibiting sale of clothing containing fur, though excuses leather and furniture containing fur, it is doubtful that this ban would change the country’s feelings and stance on fur, but would definitely punish the West Hollywood retailers.

West Hollywood Councilman John D’Amico, a sponsor of the fur ban says, “This is a tiny city, so it’s mostly symbolic… I think the impact will be heard from here to Fifth Avenue. People will talk about what a fur ban means in a new way.”

Personally, I agree with Ms. Morrill. No one is going to change their mind about fur because one town is trying to ban it (ever see Footloose…those kids loved to dance, just like Hollywood divas love to sport fur). It seems more like the animal activists have a vendetta on high end retail. And lastly, why is fur in furniture and leather O.K.? I am interested to hear what the readers think as this could turn into a very opinionated debate…

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