The Alexander Wang Rumors

Have you heard? There are so many rumors right now about LVMH and what in the world is going on over there. First we heard that Marc Jacobs would be filling in John Galliano’s spot with Dior, and then we heard that may not work out as Marc Jacobs is the designer for his own lines, Marc Jacobs and Marc By Marc Jacobs plus his position at Luis Vuitton with LVMH. As the mass confusion only seems to be rising, reading over past articles concerning the matter may be a big help. Here are links to’s past articles about Marc and John: and

The rumors really began to gain speed again yesterday (Tuesday, September 27th, 2011) when British Vogue releases a statement on the matter at hand, saying, “For Dior, it’s a pretty tricky situation, as the three favourites really can’t take the job,” a source close to LVMH told us. “Haider Ackermann is said to be ‘way too edgy’ for Dior; Marc Jacobs wanted the job a lot, but LVMH wants him to stick with Vuitton; and Riccardo Tisci simply refused, saying that he was feeling more than comfortable with the job at Givenchy. So nobody’s taking over so far.” Somehow this statement leads all of you gossipers out there in cyberspace to place Alexander Wang as, and I quote, “the next hat in the ring.” Quite perplexed by the news, I read over the statement again and I found this…this source believes Ackerman is too edgy, but thinks Wang is perfect? This equation just doesn’t seem to add up. Other criticisms have been about Wang himself. Alexander Wang doesn’t have much or any couture experience and is also doing very well with his own line, described as “slouchy street wear” by New York Magazine.

Due to the mass hysteria in the fashion world over this dragging debate, British Vogue let the world in on some news today (September 28th, 2011) simply saying their interest in Wang is for “other reasons.” Oh…how vague of them. Essentially, from all the buzz, what I have gathered is that LVMH may be thinking of buying Wang’s company and having him work under them instead of on his own. As mentioned above, Wang’s business is doing great and would be a perfect time for LVMH to step-in on the action.


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