Keep Your Chin Up and Your Weight Down

School is in full swing, the weather is getting chilly, and winter break is just too far away for what feels like a much needed rest. If you feel this way, maybe changing your diet could change your mood. There are many foods, most likely in your fridge or on your counter top that will give you that boost you so desperately need.

As the coming of the Fall season brings on Homecoming season and then the holiday season, diet is a pretty popular word. However, maybe your so-called diet is leaving you in the dusk of nutritious food, thus leaving you groggy and tired. To lift your spirits and maybe lessen your waistline try to focus on what you consume throughout the day.

One of my favorite healthy, boosting foods is strawberries. Strawberries are so good and so good for you. The ruby fruit contains fiber, antioxidants – which we all know are great for the body – plus vitamins like vitamin C and a vitamin called biotin. Biotin is an amazing vitamin that improves your nails, skin and hair. Another food, one that is more of a meal than a snack, that sometimes gets overlooked but has similar nutritional qualities as strawberries is salmon. Number one, salmon is a great source of protein plus it is super beauty friendly. Salmon is great for hair, skin, and nails plus it can be cooked so many different ways; baked, broiled, pan-seared, or even raw!

Still concerned with your complexion? Well, take those cucumber slices off of your eyes and put them on a plate. Cucumbers are another great fruit/veggie that is useful in maintaining beautiful locks. Cucumbers don’t contain biotin, but they are full of minerals like silicon that perform the same duties. Maybe you don’t like cucumbers by themselves…more of a chips and dip kind of girl? Try dipping those sliced cucumbers in hummus. Hummus is an excellent source of protein and it’s creamy like sour cream dips. But watch your intake, hummus is made of mostly chickpeas which is a yummy veggie, but has a bit of a high carb level. In mind with watching carbohydrate intake, try eating more oatmeal. Oatmeal is essentially the healthiest carb out there; translating to lots of energy, but instead of adding all that unhealthy sugar, just sprinkle some cinnamon on top!


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