Ad Age Awards Vogue ‘Magazine of the Year’

Yesterday Advertising Age, the world’s leading marketing and media publication announced the winners for their 2011 Magazine, Editor and Publisher of the Year awards and of all the glossies out there it was Vogue that walked away with Magazine of the Year. The awards, which are given to the top spot on each Top 10 list that the magazine publishes every October are to recognize Editors, Publishers and Magazines “that have excelled on one front or many — meeting a challenge, turning things around, building new businesses or just setting a consistent editorial and business example one more time”.

The entirety of the statement Explaining Ad Age’s choice read:

“It’s easier to grow when you’re new and relatively small, but when you’re this established and you grow anyway, you’re doing more than a few things right. Vogue increased its January-to-October ad pages more than 9% — to 2,125, fewer only than Brides and People — and boosted its big newsstand component almost 13% over the first half of last year, partly but not entirely on the strength of a great Lady Gaga cover in March. Its September issue killed again with 584 ad pages. And Vogue’s role off the page — most recently with the latest installment of Fashion’s Night Out — keeps expanding as well. Vogue is our Magazine of the Year.”

Other magazines that helped Vogue round out the top ten included Vanity Fair and industry newcomer Monocle. Publisher of the year was awared to Kim Keller worldwide publisher for Time magazine and Editor of the year went to Monocle‘s Tyler Brule.

Many industry insiders are pointing to Vogue‘s sponsorship of Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out as the single element that really tipped the scales in their favor, but in a world where print media loses ground daily to digital media found across the internet the fact that Vogue was able to reclaim some of their past glory after the recession reduced sales numbers for every magazine in the fashion industry, it in itself a very impressive feat.

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