Katy’s Purrfume Contest

Katy Perry is the colorful pop-singer known for singing the current decades’ teen theme songs, such as Last Friday Night. In the upcoming weeks however, Katy will be getting publicity for her scent, not her voice. Katy Perry is in the process of releasing her newest fragrance, which is yet to be named. Just about a year ago Katy began the sale of her very first perfume Purr. Purr is sold at Nordstrom’s worldwide; recently reporting sales in 54 countries. Purr received great reviews when it was first released in November 2010. It is available in 30, 50, and 100 ml sizes and the bottle…well; the bottle is a little harajuku looking cat. The cat/bottle is in shades of purple and has little jewels for the eyes. Not to mention the little cat has a collar with its name engraved reading, Purr, in a pretty font. When Purr made its premier, Katy introduced the scent on Twitter has a new member of her and husband, Russell Brand’s family. I suppose we should congratulate them on welcoming yet another member to their family with the arrival of this new perfume, which still doesn’t have a name. And funny thing about the new name, Katy is running a little contest on Twitter for fans to guess the new name. The only hints we have received, and really the only news on the new fragrance, is that it will be a sister perfume to Purr and Katy came up with the idea while on her world tour, California Dreams. Katy traveled all over the world, stopping in Japan, Australia, Europe – home land of her hubby Russell Brand – and of course, North America. The tour started back in February, so imagine all the inspiration Katy must have taken in since then – it makes it hard to guess what her muse could be. If you want to play along and guess, log-in to Twitter and tweet away, but don’t forget your guessing won’t go unrewarded, (reported by WWD) “The winners will then be selected at random to receive various prizes, including bottles of perfume, and the potential to meet Perry at a launch event in December.”

Any guesses on the next perfume name?

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