Nancy Has Sung On The American Apparel Issue

So, they say it’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings. Well, it appears American Apparel’s plus-size pal, Nancy Upton, has sung – but American Apparel isn’t quite sure what she said.

American Apparel’s contest has been over for weeks now, but the gossip behind it has continued. If you can recall, a previous article concerning this issue is available at . If you do not recall the issue concerning the contest and its rightful winner take the opportunity to catch up.  A brief overview of what happened is basically this; American Apparel hosted a contest to find the company their very first plus-size model. Nancy decided, “American Apparel was going to try to use one fat girl as a symbol of apology and acceptance to a demographic it had long insisted on ignoring,” so Nancy posted pictures of herself in a mocking manner, however within the theme of American Apparel ads. With all the controversy, Nancy no doubt ably won. The winning title however was given to another contestant as American Apparel’s creative director put it, “we have decided to award the prizes to other contestants that we feel truly exemplify the idea of beauty inside and out, and whom we will be proud to have representing our company.”

It seemed pretty clear that Nancy and American Apparel were not going to be the best of friends. However, word has gotten around that American Apparel flew Nancy out to California to meet at their headquarters because the company has gotten so much heat for the negative press surrounding the issue. When Nancy arrived at headquarters to “talk thing over,” she was greeted with a plate of cream puffs (don’t meetings usually have coffee paired with a healthier/classier choice pastry?).  Either way, Nancy got taken out for drinks and fun (just one night of the trip), but when she came home she went right to her blog and informed us of the trip and what was accomplished. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like much as Nancy said, “OH, we went, it was neat, we had a half hour chat and ate cream puffs?”

Well, Nancy didn’t have a terrible time, but the last thing we will hear between Nancy and American Apparel is the email Nancy, after thought out and thorough debating, posted in her blog; “Marsha and I were trying to remember what we even talked about, and amidst all of the late night fun and cream puffs (compounded by the fact that we couldn’t re-watch the video of the meeting), we can hardly remember what was said at all.”

Sound very successful…I am very interested to hear the readers thoughts on American Apparel after this mess.

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