Brilliant Beauty Natalie Portman Turns 30

Internationally acclaimed film actress Natalie Portman celebrates her 30th birthday today.  Born Natalie Hershlag on June 9th 1981 in Jerusalem to Shelly Stevens Hershlag an American artist and Avner Hershlag a prominent Israeli doctor Natalie’s path to fame began when at age 9 the family moved to Long Island,  New York. Originally interested in pursuing a career in modeling Natalie was discovered by an agent in a New York pizza parlor at age 11 and instead set her sights on the world of acting. At age 13 Natalie,  who took the screen name Portman,  became a breakout child star thanks to her powerful performance in French director Luc Besson’s film “Leon” (released in the United States as “The Professional”) The film featured Portman as Mathilda an orphaned girl with maturity and intelligence far beyond her age,  a set of traits that the young actress shared with many of her characters.

Once quoted by Fox News as saying “I’d rather be smart than a movie star” Natalie Portman has gone on to achieve both. Very well respected in the world of film for her down to earth demeanor and refusal to allow her celebrity status to define her life,  Portman also found time to attend Harvard for a B.A. in psychology and  co-author two scientific research papers. Reinforcing her commitment to learning Portman once said in an interview with the New York Post “I don’t care if [college] ruins my career” and has often said that when acting is done with her she may decide to become a doctor like her father.

However after having won the 2011 Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the critically acclaimed “Black Swan” it seems that a career in medicine may have to wait. Not only smart and sexy Natalie Portman has used her clout to become a popular red carpet trend setter,  who once again was included on most of the “best dressed” lists for the 2011 Oscars. With a style  that combines modern chic and a conservative,  old Hollywood style flair,  Natalie proves that she is modern Hollywood royalty with the full package,  beauty,  brains and great taste.

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