Gucci Custom Fits James Franco

Everyone seems to be in love with the 1920’s and fashion designers around the world have been using the infamous decade as inspiration. As
this leading and latest trend in fashion is making its way through the masses, Gucci has hopped onto the 20’s bandwagon, and in my opinion, in the most ingenious way. Gucci is making hand-tailored suits! How exciting, a time period that seemed long-lost is returning.

However, the big news is the front man of the ad campaign “All The World’s A Stage,” James Franco. James Franco has worked with Gucci before
but on a fragrance campaign. This time around James Franco is even more prominent, creating some great buzz for Gucci. The comedic, action-adventure, dramatic, real-life portrayal actor is now an Oscar nominee and Academy Award host making him quite the Renaissance man and a great fit for the face of the campaign. Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini made a statement about Franco saying, “James has an innate ability to fuse classic elegance with contemporary style and interpret formalwear in an individual way, true to the spirit of our Made to Measure service.”

Well, let’s face it, it has been far too long since people have gone out and purchased a hand-tailored suit, dress, coat, or any piece of clothing made custom-fit. It seems the only time in this day and age that custom-fit garments are produced is for weddings and some special occasions (depending on your wealth status). Well, Gucci isn’t exactly low-end, and this new ‘Made to Wear’ collection is no different. Each suit is estimated to cost around $3,000, which includes measurements, construction, and personal options. The campaign is entitled, “All The World’s A Stage” and was photographed by
Nathaniel Goldberg. Every suit made is going to allow the customer to select fabric and color with over 170 different combination possibilities. Eleven Gucci
boutiques across the globe will offer this ‘Made to Wear’ service.


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