Michelle Obama’s Love Affair with Naeem Khan Designs

This past Tuesday night President Obama hosted a state dinner in the White House rose garden in honor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In attendance where various dignitaries,  politicians and heads of state,  and of course the ever stylish First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady donned a graceful and elegant gown by Naeem Khan that featured all over an embellishment of silver beads and white sequins with a metallic thread woven through in geometric patterns.

If Mrs. Obama’s choice seems a little like deja vu that is because this is not the first time the she has selected one of Mr. Khan’s designs for an important affair of state. Mrs. Obama in fact wore a gold sleeveless gown from Naeem Khan to her first state dinner,  held back in 2009 for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

While the first lady has graced other prominent designers with the distinction of appearing at important affairs of state,  such as Tom Ford who designed the white evening dress that Mrs. Obama wore last month to a formal dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II,  it is to Mr. Khan’s designs she returns most often.

It should also be noted that while it would be quiet rude to outshine a Queen at her own party,  a state dinner in the White House is an occasion where the First Lady deserves to dazzle and Naeem Khan seems to be her favorite when it comes to such important nights.

Born and raised in India,  surrounded by a rich and ancient culture Mr. Khan took to fashion from the start and may of his designs have been regarded “classics but tweaked.”  Much like his native land Mr. Kahn’s dresses are diverse,  vibrant and very lively which are all descriptors that could be applied to Mrs. Obama herself,  perhaps offering the best insight into why the First Lady seems to love the opportunity to shine in one of Mr. Khan’s dresses.  While the fashion world waits to see who Mrs. Obama will choose next and where it will take them,  nearly every name in fashion can agree that it is a breath of fresh air to have a First Lady who is willing to be exciting with her take on formal fashion.

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