Tom Ford, A Visionary

Well, it’s Friday! We have made it through the week and if you’re not daydreaming about where to go out this weekend and what to wear, you’re wondering what is going to keep you occupied on the dreaded Sunday evening. Of course you could always flip to HBO – however, in this economy that may not be a possibility – and admire the 1920’s fashions on Boardwalk Empire, but I have a better idea for Sunday night TV time. Keeping with pleasing the eyes, on a fashion level, why not tune in to Tom Ford’s documentary. Yes, it has finally happened, the man who does an interview once in a blue moon now has a whole documentary about him, following him, and seeing the production of his Spring 2011 runway collection.

This amazing moment in fashion will be airing this Sunday night, October 23rd, 2011 at 8 p.m. And of course, the one woman in the world that could get Tom Ford to be more personal than he ever has before would be… Oprah Winfrey. The documentary premiers on Oprah’s network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). It is part of a series of documentaries called Visionaries. Mr. Ford’s documentary is entitled, TOM FORD: Visionaries. OWN selected Tom Ford because they believe “Tom Ford embodies the idea of what a creative visionary is. His taste and his creations, from his clothing to his filmmaking, is so specific and beautiful. He knows precisely what he wants, and when you see something he has created, it’s unmistakably his.” And as most are unconscious to the fact that Tom is also a filmmaker, most also don’t know the fashion world came pretty close to losing Tom Ford. Tom had once worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci but had left the high-end designers and fashion for film. Mr. Ford dabbled in film and Director of his own documentary, Michael Bonfiglio will confirm that. However, luckily for fashionistas, our wonderful Mr. Ford came back to us and in return has made a film for and about him. Talking of the film and Tom Ford, Bonfiglio said, “I think the most memorable thing, actually, was when I finally showed Tom a rough cut of the film. I flew to Los Angeles to show it to him, and I was very nervous. Given how particular he is about his work — and especially because he’s a filmmaker — I was anticipating leaving the screening with ten pages of notes about things he wanted changed. We screened it at a hotel, and he brought one of his colleagues to watch it with us. I sat a little bit behind him, so I could see his reactions as he watched — and about 10 minutes in, I could tell he was pleased. When it was over, he had a big smile on his face, told me he loved it, and essentially had no notes — aesthetic or otherwise.”

I can’t wait for Sunday!!

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