Call him Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the biggest names in fashion. If you didn’t know the man or the name, Macy*s would have changed that when Karl Lagerfeld and Macy*s combined forces for their collaboration collection from earlier this year. The collection featured some chic, rather professional looking dresses. Well, Karl is at it again. Karl Lagerfeld is going to be releasing a new line called Karl. This collection will of course be based off of Lagerfeld’s traditional color scheme of black and white. However, this collection will be aimed at a younger target audience. His Macy*s collaboration collection was intended towards ‘the working woman,’ women between the ages of late twenties to mid forties. This new Karl collection however, is aimed at a younger audience. The words ‘rocker’ and ‘street’ have even been floating around, which is slightly out of Karl Lagerfeld’s usual box.

The Karl collection is planned to launch in January 2012. The line will be exclusively sold on and by February 2012 the line will be available for sale on Karl’s website, The collection is being priced between $95 up to $450. As it is sometimes very odd for a designer to leave their comfort zone, Karl Lagerfeld has made a very smart decision in reaching out to more clientele. Speaking on the subject, Lagerfeld said, “I just want not too expensive clothes that people may like and perhaps want to wear. That was my concept for a long time, but my business partners in the past wanted to be like Chanel or Fendi without putting behind what is needed to be like that … Now I am feeling we are ready for the right job — the way to do things right in a modern, unusual way.”

The Karl collection will consist of one-hundred pieces. As mentioned before, the collection will have a rocker-chic vibe, as well as appealing to women in their late teens to early twenties. In doing so, this line will contain young materials like denim and leather. Women’s Wear Daily took the liberty to describe some of the pieces describing the line as, “silvery jeans and Perfecto-style vests to an elegant black cocktail dress with a plunging back, some of them accessorized a la Karl with fingerless gloves and detachable, demonstrative collars.”

A major part of this collection is the way it will be sold; exclusively online. Peir Paolo Righi, Karl president said, “The masstige venture is designed to be primarily Web-based, as the designer is convinced it’s the main way to connect and communicate with today’s young generation.”

Pretty good idea if you ask me.




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