Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 1

Well, if the sales and new TV shows weren’t enough of a hint of a fast approaching winter, the weather is sure to bring it to your attention. The brisk air hasn’t yet become bitter and frigid but there is a chill none the less. With this cold, dry air making its rounds in the northern portions of this country, it means time to take a look at yourself. This time of year brings out a whole new line of products as our skin, hair, nails, and other aspects are in need of indulgence. For instance, maybe your lotion just isn’t doing its job in this weather. A great option to using a simple lotion is to use a heavier source, oil. Josie Maran makes an amazing product, Josie Maran Organic Argan Oil. This product can be used to assist in hydration issues for hair, skin, and nails. Anywhere hydration is needed, this product claims to do the job, and is available at Sephora (online and in-store) as well as wherever Josie Maran products are sold.

In addition, oils like this can be added to any lotion or body butter to once again, to ‘amp up the hydration.’ A great body butter to use would be an almond, coconut, milk body butter. Laura Mercier has created one of these and includes; shea butter, jojoba, honey, aloe vera gel, illipe butter, and grape seed oil. This product smells great and because it is a body butter, opposed to a lotion or cream, the hydrating value almost doubles.

Oils like Josie Maran’s oil products can also be added to hair products for extra hydration in a drying climate. Products like shampoos and conditioners are always open to a drop or two of oil to perk up dull hair. Another option to the oils is leave-in conditioners and mask treatments. The most renowned company in hair products of this kind is Kerastase; specifically, Kerastase Masqueintense. This is a “highly concentrated nourishing treatment” for the hair. Treatments like these all pretty much work the same, for this specific brand and treatment one would towel dry their hair and then apply a small amount, massaged through the hair to leave-in for five minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

Well, that was the first edition to not letting the winter dry you out. Next time, some tips on keeping your color and your skin smooth.

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