Versace for H&M; The Madness Continues

This weekend saw the official launch of the Versace for H&M collection and now that the fervor has died down a little the reports are in and like Missoni for Target before it, this collection caused plenty of chaos when it went on sale. However unlike the Missoni collection at Target, Versace’s partnership with H&M will not be a one-off occurrence as it was announced last week that a spring collaboration will begin selling in February!

First all the dirty details from this weekend’s sales spectacular: Having learned a lesson from the madness caused by the Missoni for Target collection, H&M took steps to ensure a more orderly experience for their shoppers by adding additional security to many of the larger stores and creating a color coded bracelet system that was designed to let shoppers move through the collection in an orderly fashion. To see H&M’s strategy for trying to control a hundreds deep line of fashion fanatics you can check out the entire set of instructions as obtained by Fashionista. We say ‘trying’ because their efforts, while effective here in the U.S. were less well executed in places like Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai. In fact according to reports from IOL News the situation got violent enough in Hong Kong that a pair of H&M security guards ended up taking a trip to the hospital. Meanwhile despite efforts to beef up their website in the hope of avoiding a crash like the one experienced by Target’s online store, frenzied U.K. shoppers still managed to bring down H&M’s website for a brief period of time.

As the above paragraph suggests the collection was very popular, so much so that certain international stores sold out in 30 minutes and there are even reports that some shoppers were trying to resell the pieces right outside the stores. Which is probably exactly the environment that Versace and H&M had been hoping to use as a backdrop to their big announcement about a Spring 2012 collaboration. At the moment details are scarce but according to The Mirror the next installment of the collaboration will arrive in H&M stores in February. Sneak peeks have so far revealed pieces like a fruit print bikini, shorts and strappy sandals also available in Versace’s staple gold with plenty of hints toward more jewelry and some fun spring dresses. We can’t wait to see the complete look book!

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