Rihanna and Armani Make A Great Team

Armani seems to have made a really good decision by having hip hop celebrity Rihanna as the face of their ad campaigns. Their connection must have hit the bull’s eye a few months ago when they teamed up for the new Empirio Armani underwear and Armani jeans ads because their partnership has expanded. Rihanna can now proudly say she is a designer – she’s catching up to her mentor Jay-Z – as well as a perfumer.  Now that the bandwagon is loaded up, expect Armani to carry that sweet yet edgy look with Rihanna’s signature not too far away. The collection will only consist of a few pieces; two different white, printed T-shirts, two different color denim pants, two different color lingerie sets, a jacket and a bag.

The fresh face team has even merged their “logos.” One of the two varieties of T-shorts available has the iconic Armani eagle logo with an “R” written over it to represent Rihanna (the ‘R’ is slightly reminiscent to a Roca Wear ‘R’ we see in Jay-Z’s collections – maybe Rihanna will start designing for Roca Wear, that is once her deal with Armani is up). The other graphic tee features an oversize image of what appears to be Rihanna’s face with one eye closed and an animal pattern running under the image. The denim takes on a sexier edge with the shade; one is more of a traditional denim with blue tones while the other is a fierce gray hue of denim. The jacket is of course leather and paired with the other pieces, it completes the look. Now the lingerie is lace (very sexy and chic Rihanna) and available in navy as well as a more traditional pearl. To see the sketches and images check out Vogue UK for their slideshow.

You should be able to find this rocker-chic collaboration pieces anywhere Armani denim is sold. Currently release dates are varied by city, however Rihanna/Armani will be available nationwide before December arrives; just in time for present purchasing!

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