Top Make Up Trends for Late Spring Early Summer

For the last few months most of the popular runway shows have featured very tonal and monochromatic color schemes when it comes to makeup and all the magazines and makeup artists we follow have been advising that theme for this summer is going to be natural. So with that in mind let’s do a quick review of the products and styles you will need to stay chic all summer long.

The eyes – Think a modern take on nude when it comes to eye shadow with varying shades of cream, shell and taupe making up most of the palette and using earthy caramels or blushes where any added accent may be needed. As always in warm weather the lighter the texture the better and avoid shinny, your makeup doesn’t need to be flat but more of a semi-matte which will really help bring out your eyes.

The cheeks – With natural being the name of the game you will want to avoid using too much of any product on your cheeks this summer. Instead think earthy tones that work well with your natural complexion. These should be more than enough to help you achieve that high cheek bone look all the celebs crave.

The Lips – Lip primer is fast becoming a must on many a fashonista’s shopping list. Applying primer helps smooth out the natural tone of your lips so that you won’t need as much lip-stick, which helps keep you on the path to that natural look. Creamy and nude are popular choices in the summer but if you want something that really pops try bright red or fuchsia, both of these are good nail colors this time of year and if you can get a match the effect is very eye catching.

The Wildcard – Believe it or not neon is coming back in a big way and this year’s must have colors all sport names like tangerine tango or crazy orange. While this seems like the complete opposite of the natural look everyone is talking about remember that just because it is a bold color does not mean you have to go crazy when using it. If you have a darker complexion these could make for a good choice on the lips and nails. If your complexion is lighter then you will want to stick with the eyes, try blending upwards toward the brow to give your eyes a dramatic accent.

And as always don’t forget that no amount of makeup expertise will save you from having to find a few new fun and flirty short dresses to keep you cool in the hotter months.


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