Princess Kate’s Fashionable First Year!

There is no doubt that every time Princess Kate steps out that all eyes are on her.  She has taken royal fashion to the next level and made it very practical for everyone to share in her fashion choices.  Unlike some royals or celebrities, she has kept her fashion choices simple, classy and accessible to the public.  For example, the wonderful royal blue Issa dress she wore when the Duke and Duchess announced their engagement was around 385 euro’s.  The dress sold out within 24 hours and made Issa a house hold name.  There is no doubt she has access to whatever her heart desires but, Kate usually purchases her own clothing and accessories.  This makes people feel they can relate to her and makes us love her even more!

Kate always has the perfect accessories.  One area that Kate does splurge on, are her headpieces.  The English people take pride in their fascinators and sometimes there is no getting around spending more on some of the one’s she has been spotted in.  She is also known for throwing a pop of color into her wardrobe with her clutches, jewelry and stilettos.  Amazingly, she wears them more than once!  Who ever made the rule that you can only be seen in something once is ludicrous.  In reality people wear things more than once all the time.  It is refreshing to see her mixing and matching her clothing and accessories on her outings as a Princess.  As for her makeup, she always does natural colors that complement her skin tone and hair.  It was said that she even did her own makeup for her royal wedding!

No matter how we look at it, Kate’s first year in fashion was fantastic!  She has used her fashion as a great example to people around the world.  She has shown girls that you can be sexy without showing too much skin and humble, even with the most luxurious surroundings.  She has proven that you can be price cautious and still look like a royal and that is ok to wear things more than once!  The world looks forward to seeing Kate’s fashion in the future and she deserves a round of applause for having a fashionable first year!


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