Heidi Klum Outdoes Herself for Halloween

When it comes to costume parties the fashion industry loves to go all out, and one of the most impressive costume balls every Halloween is hosted by model-turned-designer Heidi Klum. As anyone who has ever earned a reputation for throwing great gatherings can tell you, once said rep is firmly in place the biggest threat […]

Miuccia Prada to Meet Elsa Schiaparelli at The Met

Since you are reading a fashion news website we are going to go ahead and assume that you know who Miuccia Prada is, however unless you are versed in the history of 20th century fashion the name Elsa Schiaparelli may not ring any bells. Ms. Schiaparelli was a contemporary of Coco Chanel and one of […]

Marilyn Monroe Dress Sells for $5.6 Million

It’s an image that everyone can picture in their mind because it has become so iconic; a brief and for its time very risque, scene from “The Seven-Year Itch” showing Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate and holding down the front hem of an ivory gown as a train passing below does its best […]

Femme Fatale Costumes Come Out Flat

It can’t be easy to be Britney Spears these days. The former Pop diva’s fall from grace was both painfully public and exceptionally epic. However, love her or hate her one thing that has always kept Brit relevant in the world of fashion is her fearless (and too often ill advised) sense of style. Whether […]