Categories Sketch Contest has Returned

One of the lovely designs already submitted for the summer sketch contest. has just announced that they will be hosting another of their infamous prom dress sketch contests through their facebook page. The contest is a tradition that is now in its second year with and is designed to allow young women […]

Next For Kendall & Kylie

Kendall and Kylie may have the Jenner last name, but ask any Hollywood insider, these girls are the last of the Kardashians. The two have already followed in their sisters footsteps, obviously they have a hit TV show on the E! channel (with the rest of the Kardashian krew), the pair has kicked off their […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 6

As we approach part 6 of’s ‘Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out’ I hope some tips have been tried. And even more so that they are working for you. However, if you still seem to need more hydration, specifically to your face, try an overnight treatment. So far in the saga of dry […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 5

Last time I introduced you to an awesome Almay product; this time I want you to meet its higher-end counterpart. As one of the first make-ups of its kind, Bare Escentuals is the O.G. (original gangster – but in our case, O.C., original cosmetic). Bare Escentuals is also known as Bare Minerals, but is better […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 4

Lately, news has been making reports on skin care, hair care, and general make-up news as to help a girl out in this time of skin care need. So, without further ado, welcome to part 4 of ‘Don’t Let the Winter Dry You Out.’ Complexion, hair, lips, what’s left? Well, for part 4 we […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of ‘Don’t Let the Winter Dry You Out.’ In part 1 and part 2 we covered skin and hair and keeping our color in any weather. Now that our faces are glowing and full of color, let’s not forget the most important feature on our faces, the lips. We must keep […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 2

As winter’s harsh breeze stampedes in, a girl simply can’t get enough beauty tips to protect her skin and hair this season. Last time we met in Part 1, we discussed a few tips for skin and hair. So, now that you are all moisturized and hydrated, let’s move on to color. Summer is over […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 1

Well, if the sales and new TV shows weren’t enough of a hint of a fast approaching winter, the weather is sure to bring it to your attention. The brisk air hasn’t yet become bitter and frigid but there is a chill none the less. With this cold, dry air making its rounds in the […]

Vera Wang’s New Princess

As the E! Network seems to be taking over the world, obviously accompanied by the infamous relationship warriors, the Kardashians; there is one person more annoyed than almost anyone else out there. If you’re thinking yourself, your close but the answer is Vera Wang. Vera Wang is (as of now) scheduled to release a lower […]

To A Good Hair Day

Hair, hair, hair; there have been musicals, movies, and shows all based around hair. For woman, this is one of the most important aspects of our person. A good hair day usually means a good day, and a bad hair day usually means a ponytail with a big headband or a bun. Well, the last […]