Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 5

Last time I introduced you to an awesome Almay product; this time I want you to meet its higher-end counterpart. As one of the first make-ups of its kind, Bare Escentuals is the O.G. (original gangster – but in our case, O.C., original cosmetic). Bare Escentuals is also known as Bare Minerals, but is better […]

Black Friday Round-up

This year’s Black Friday events weren’t far off from what we usually expect to go down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Granted we were overly stuffed and seemingly unresponsive on the couch, plenty of folks still made it out for the day’s festivities. Oh, and what festivities those were; for […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry you Out – Part 4

Lately, news has been making reports on skin care, hair care, and general make-up news as to help a girl out in this time of skin care need. So, without further ado, welcome to part 4 of ‘Don’t Let the Winter Dry You Out.’ Complexion, hair, lips, what’s left? Well, for part 4 we […]

And The Workshop Is Open…

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re still cooking or in rest mode from stuffing yourself more than the turkey was you are thinking about shopping. Just admit it, we all fantasize about getting the last $100 40” flat screen TV or a pair of Diesel jeans for a mere $30, but it seems the fashion world believes […]

Rihanna and Armani Make A Great Team

Armani seems to have made a really good decision by having hip hop celebrity Rihanna as the face of their ad campaigns. Their connection must have hit the bull’s eye a few months ago when they teamed up for the new Empirio Armani underwear and Armani jeans ads because their partnership has expanded. Rihanna can […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of ‘Don’t Let the Winter Dry You Out.’ In part 1 and part 2 we covered skin and hair and keeping our color in any weather. Now that our faces are glowing and full of color, let’s not forget the most important feature on our faces, the lips. We must keep […]

Raising $1,000,000 for Pencils of Promise with Justin Bieber

Late last week, Justin Bieber helped to kick off the first Gala for a great organization called, Pencils of Promise. This organization was started by Adam Braun, a man that turned $25 into 30 schools and endless education all over the world. It is a really sweet story, beginning with Adam’s trip to India. He […]

Riri’s Second Signature Scent

It’s nearly been a year and Rihanna is already releasing a second fragrance. This fragrance will be a continuance of her original scent, Reb’l Fleur. Reb’l Fleur was released to the public in the winter of 2011 (Macy*s began sales in February, 2011). Parlux is the fragrance company Rihanna is paired with on this rather […]

Don’t Let The Winter Dry You Out – Part 2

As winter’s harsh breeze stampedes in, a girl simply can’t get enough beauty tips to protect her skin and hair this season. Last time we met in Part 1, we discussed a few tips for skin and hair. So, now that you are all moisturized and hydrated, let’s move on to color. Summer is over […]

ASA Is At It Again

The ASA (advertising standard authority) is having a field day or rather, a field week. Promgirl News recently reported the ban on Marc Jacobs new perfume ad for Oh Lola!, featuring his new favorite model, Dakota Fanning. The Oh Lola! ad was banned for its possible sexual content. This came as a bit of a […]