YSL & Louboutin, Friends In The End?

Victory has been claimed…by both parties? The long running suit between two fashion greats has finally come to a conclusion, but not quite an end. Judge Cabranes (the 2nd judge on the case) ruled, “The contrast between the sole and the upper that causes the sole to ‘pop’ and to distinguish its creator [Louboutin].”The judge, […]

And The Workshop Is Open…

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re still cooking or in rest mode from stuffing yourself more than the turkey was you are thinking about shopping. Just admit it, we all fantasize about getting the last $100 40” flat screen TV or a pair of Diesel jeans for a mere $30, but it seems the fashion world believes […]

Tamara Mellon Resigns From Jimmy Choo

Tamara Mellon, one of Britain’s most respected female entrepreneurs announced over the weekend her formal resignation from the multi-million dollar accessories firm that she helped build. Mellon, who co-founded the business with Malaysian-born British cobbler Jimmy Choo in 1996 and has since served as Creative Director for the firm, will stay on until a suitable […]

Those Manolo Blahniks are Made of What?!?

As every good fashionista knows style rarely comes cheap and a pair of Manolo Blahniks never do, but paying $70,000 dollars per pair seems a bit much especially when they’re knock offs! Yet that is exactly what a group of smugglers in Spain had been doing for the last two years, but these shoes weren’t […]

Zigzags All Around

Walking into a Target recently, you will notice the remaining soliders – a.k.a. merchandise – from the Missoni for Target collaboration. Its been quite a few weeks, however a hand-full of Target stores still have a ballet flat, a trench coat, and a plate leftover from the biggest collaboratiion Target or Missoni has ever seen. […]

Designers Go Green

As the holidays approach us – I know were not even past Halloween yet, but every store I go into thinks Christmas is about two weeks away – there are many things that start to come to mind, especially gifts. In the spirit of gifts and giving, there are a lot of charities and fundraisers […]

Tiffany Joins The Battle Of The Soles

Although the Louboutin versus YSL case concluded a few months ago, the battle of the red soles is not even close to being over. Christian Louboutin sued Yves Saint Laurent over YSL use of red soles on a few of their heels for the YSL resort collection. To refresh yourself on the issue, check out […]

Tom Ford, A Visionary

Well, it’s Friday! We have made it through the week and if you’re not daydreaming about where to go out this weekend and what to wear, you’re wondering what is going to keep you occupied on the dreaded Sunday evening. Of course you could always flip to HBO – however, in this economy that may […]

Zooey Sues Over Shoes

Zooey Deschanel, you know, the New Girl. Zooey’s show has just begun its first season on Fox network and by the looks of things this new girl will be a good pal, and probably stay on FOX network for a couple of seasons. Zooey Deschanel’s role in the New Girl is as Jess, an off-beat, […]

Tory Burch Makes Big Steps

As the eighth day of New York Fashion Week is already here, there has been a lot going on in the Big Apple. Up and coming designer, Tory Burch, has proved herself to be a now and here designer as Tory featured her very first runway show on Tuesday, (Day 6 of New York Fashion […]