A Gown Fit for a (Vampire) Princess

I am just going to assume that everyone here has at least glanced at a television or movie screen sometime in the last three years so explaining what the Twilight Saga is will be unnecessary. However for those of you who don’t hang on the every word of Bella, Edward and Jacob I will elaborate a bit. The hit movie franchise based off of Stephanie Meyer’s books about a human, vampire, werewolf love triangle is warming up for its final act which is (no surprise here) a two part event, the first half of which is slated for release on the 18th of November.

The story which began with eternal teen vampire Edward falling for his human classmate Bella and has since traced the rocky lows and supernatural highs of their mortal/immortal relationship is heading to that ultimate culmination, marriage. While those who have never read the books are still in the proverbial dark about whether young Bella will herself become a vampire or whether she will marry Edward at all, one thing is crystal clear; there will be a wedding scene in the movie and it will feature Bella as the ideal vampire bride, gown and all.

Which is why the recent announcement that renown designer Carolina Herrera is the mind behind the gown has caused such as stir. While there are no official photographs, and no proof that the ones leaked on the internet are the genuine article you can catch a fleeting glimpse of the veil and some of the bodice in screenshots from the trailer. Some are already suggesting that with the film still nearly half a year away and the marketing machine behind it still slumbering the Carolina Herrera design might be the most hotly anticipated wedding gown design since a certain Alexander McQueen’s design for Kate Middleton.

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