Spielberg Fired Fox Over Hitler Comment Directed at Bay

Here’s a helpful tip for any aspiring actress: when your boss is the guy who sweat blood to produce Schindler’s List, you may want to avoid making any off hand comments comparing your director to Adolf Hitler; that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t sit well.

Megan Fox who made headlines this month when it was announced she was being replaced on the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, apparently compared director Micheal Bay to Hitler in an interview with MTV News and when that little piece of information made it back to producer Steven Spielberg is precisely when she found herself out of a job. In the interview with MTV, Fox is quoted as saying “I’m not trying to be provocative” which is something any good publicist will tell their client to say right before dropping a verbal bomb-shell. This behavior has helped raise some eyebrows in the film industry regarding her true motives when comparing anyone to Hitler, since she just signed on to Sascha Baron Cohen’s newest film foray Dictator.

According to Bay, who spoke to CNN recently about the incident, Spielberg’s reaction to Fox’s comment was to tell Bay to “fire her right now” but it was not the only problem the production staff had with the actress. Asked to elaborate on the tensions between himself and Fox, Bay had the following words to offer her, “I’m sorry I make you work twelve hours. I’m sorry that I’m making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy.” He also added that the actress was in “a different world, on her BlackBerry… You gotta stay focused.”

While everyone’s story on these kinds of things is going to be different, and no one is going to paint themselves as a villain, perhaps it is worth watching both Bay and Fox in the coming months to see whose ego strikes next.



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