William and Kate’s $1.7 Million Wedding Gift

It’s a gift fit for a king, or a duke in this case, but the twist is that the Duke and his new Duchess are the ones doing the giving. Before Prince William married Kate Middleton this past spring the couple set up the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund so that any well wishers who wanted to give the royal couple a wedding gift could show their support by donating to various charities instead.

Buckingham Palace recently announced that the donations to the fund had exceeded 1 million pounds or roughly 1.7 million US dollars. The money will be distributed through the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry to 26 deserving charities that the foundation separated into the following categories: Changing Lives through Arts and Sport; Children Fulfilling Their Potential; Help and Care at Home; Support for Service Personnel and Their Families; and Conservation for Future Generations.

The couple also released a statement through the foundation thanking “everyone who donated and contributed so generously to the charitable fund and for all the kindness and support shown to [us] throughout the wedding period.”

Price William (though now officially the Duke of Cambridge) and his brother Price Harry have long talked of following in the footsteps of their mother the late princess Diana who was loved a celebrated throughout the world for using her clout and position within the British Royal Family to draw attention to serious social issues on a global scale. Di contributed to worldwide programs to help relocate and provide medical care to refugees, to assist impoverished families and most notably brought world-wide attention to the need to clear war-torn countries of abandoned minefields which claim the lives of dozens of innocent farmers and children ever year and leave hundreds more maimed.

While it would seem that her son’s efforts are starting in earnest more on the home front then in foreign war-torn lands his actions would no doubt make his mother proud.

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