Mila Kunis Has Shown She Knows Fashion

Mila Kunis is no stranger to the spotlight, in fact she’s been rubbing elbows with the red carpet crowd for over a decade now. However for most of her career as a television comedy star and now as a Hollywood leading lady the brunette beauty has played it safe, if a little boring when it comes to style, choosing classic yet uninspired gowns and conservative dresses that were not terribly exciting. Long considered just a supporting actress, Kunis’ breakout role came in 2008 with the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall which allowed the young Hollywood veteran to prove she could carrying the leading female role. It has been said that style is an extension of spirit and perhaps all Mila needed was a little confidence to let both shine through.

Since ’08 Kunis has found leading and supporting roles in many films including last years haunting masterpiece Black Swan and with her rise in fame has come a refreshing re-invention of her personal style. Though Forgetting Sarah Marshall may have been her breakout film moment, the 2011 Oscars saw Kunis have a breakout fashion moment in a stunning pale lavender chiffon and lace gown by Ellie Saab that not only turned heads up and down the red carpet but complimented the actresses classic Hollywood femininity.

Ever since that night Kunis has begun to take more risks in allowing her own tastes and not current trends to dictate her unique style. The White House Correspondents dinner this year saw Kunis in a glamorous black Versace gown that again spoke to old-school Hollywood with a touch of youthful uniqueness. More recently Mila has let her inner animal show through with a Givenchy armadillo print blouse and skirt combo that she wore to last week’s premier of her newest film Friends With Benefits.

While she may not be bound for the cover of Vogue like Emma Watson whose meteoric rise as a fashion icon we’ve already touched on, it would not surprise us in the least to see Mila stealing the spotlight on many red carpets to come. What is the most inspiring about Mila’s budding relationship with high fashion is how boldly she has been coming into her own, proving that confidence never goes out of style.

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