Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs (and Monkeys)

This season is shaping up to be a wild one in the fashion world. The animal motif trend which went mainstream last winter with Miuccia’s monkeys debuting for Prada’s Spring 2011 women’s wear collection has shown that it has legs, four of them to be exact. Because the first images of Givenchy’s Fall 2011 collections have begun to hit billboards, news stands and the net; and with them come Riccardo Tisci’s snarling rottweilers. So now the question that is on everyone’s lips for late summer and early fall is: what kind of animal are you?

Over the course of 2011 the monkey has been brought to the forefront of fashion by Miuccia Prada with a colorful collection of shirts and dresses that made good use of the playful and whimsical creatures as an overarching motif. Early converts to the monkey movement included many of fashions most “in” trendsetters including Marc Jacobs who went so far as to trade his signature kilt for a skirt bearing Miuccia’s monkeys, and Mugler’s newest Angel, Eva Mendes who monkeyed around in a colorful Prada dress for the premier of her latest comedy The Other Guys. Alas nothing last forever and the monkey’s monopoly on fashion’s finest was bound to be challenged eventually.

Enter Riccardo Tisci with his newest inspiration for Givenchy’s fall 2011 collections, a rottweiler motif that packs a real bite. The dogs, sometimes solo, sometimes in a pack, always snarling or barking are shaping up to be one of falls fiercest fashion trends. In fact they caused a bit of a stir at the Givenchy runway show when early adopter Kanye West was accused of stealing Liv Tyler’s style after the two sat in the front row wearing the same shirt. Arguments of ‘who wore it best’ aside there are plenty of signs that Givenchy is serious about their rottweilers even rolling out the big guns for their new add campaign which features the queen of the animal snarl herself, Naomi Campbell.

Only time will tell who ends up as the king of the fashion jungle.

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