Kate Moss Weds in High Style

This Friday the marriage of 37 year old supermodel Kate Moss to longtime fiancee Jamie Hince kicked off a spectacular weekend of high fashion in the British countryside. Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Manolo Blahnik and Zelda Fitzgerald each took their turn to shine during the festivities at Moss’ Cotswolds estate but the real show stealer was the custom made Galliano gown that Moss wore when she said “I do.”

John Galliano, whose messy implosion has captivated the fashion world for the past few months was not a surprise pick for Moss, the two have been friends for many years. Galliano had designed many special occasion gowns for the supe, including her 21st and 30th birthday dresses and it was Galliano designs that Moss wore 20 years ago when she first hit the big runways of London, Paris and Milan. According to sources close to Moss the custom Galliano design, which featured the finest raw silk embroidered in an elegant vintage motif, was inspired by Moss’ Zelda Fitzgerald engagement ring.

While Galliano’s behavior and personal lifestyle choices of the past few months have gotten him blacklisted, and in our opinion rightfully so, by most of the fashion world it is hard to argue that Moss’ gown wasn’t a wonderful inspired piece. Manolo Blahnik shoes rounded out the supe’s look while fiancee and guitarist for The Kills Jamie Hince looked every bit fit for the part of groom in a stylish Yves Saint Laurent suite.

Many other designers including British mainstay Stella McCartney contributed dresses to Moss’ wardrobe for the weekend long celebration and it goes without saying that similar styles will be offered soon in many of the designer’s lines.


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